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The Charlie Riley Community Service Scholarship Foundation

Our Mission

The Charlie Riley Community Scholarship Foundation mission has two purposes.

  1. To provide financial assistance for post secondary education to graduating, high school students who are residents of Harford County that perform and display exemplary community service.
  2. To provide financial assistance to Fire and EMS members of the fire service stations of Harford County for furthering their training or post secondary educations.

About Charlie W. Riley

Lifelong Servant of the Community

Charlie Riley was a successful Harford County business owner, proud husband, father and grandfather, and avid gardener, hunter and football fan.

Board of Directors



  • Rick Bowlus
  • Brian Donley
  • Samantha Harris
  • Johnny Huges
  • Shirley Kern
  • Chip Riley
  • Bruce Riley
  • Gene Worthington



  • Tony Belcastro
  • Bill Boniface
  • Barry Glassman
  • Larry Richardson
  • Tony Meoli
  • Joe Schmitz
  • Steve Medinger
  • Libby Parris
  • Mike Cullum
  • Howard McComas
  • Dave Lynch
  • Pat Vincenti
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