Charlie Riley Community Service Scholarship Foundation
Recognizing   Doers of the Word


November 12, 2014
Eighth Annual Awards Banquet



Seventh Annual Awards Banquet


High School Award Nominees
Fire/EMS Award Nominees
High school recipients of a $1000 Charlie Riley Community Service scholarship are, back row from left, Thomas Burley, Katherine Rizzieri, Matthew Barnes, Sarah Fielder, Sarah Hawkins, Jourdan Richard and Graeme Fenton; and front row from left, Selena Snyder, Shelby Richter, Patricia Good, Hannah Palmer and Genevie Mayo-Johnson.
The fire and EMS recipients of a $1000 Charlie Riley Community Service scholarship are, back row from left, Ashley Northam, Darnell Hill, Denessa Fruhling, Tyler Dinan, and Josh Bulavko, representing his brother, Nicholas Bulavko; and front row from left, Diana Tobin, Leigha Reader, Courtney Steininger and Chelsie Seely.
The Riley Foundation board of directors is, from left, Brian Donley, John Hughes, Shirley Kern, Gene Worthington, Chip Riley and Bruce Riley.
Grand prize scholarship recipients are Leigha Reader, front row left, and Patricia Good, front row right: they are sitting with members of the Riley family, wife, Sis Riley, and sons, Chip, left, and Bruce.
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